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Powered by our Xe SEO content platform and Google natural language PROCESSING (NLP), we are the first SEO agency in London to combine cutting-edge computer science with KEYWORD RESEARCH, ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE SEO. Welcome to tomorrow.


Beyond the Page SEO is focused on just one thing: Google supremacy. We know our clients have ambition and they want to see that same drive with their SEO. That’s why we are the only SEO agency in London bold enough to combine traditional SEO with cutting-edge research in natural language processing, anchored by our ground-breaking Xe SEO content platform. This means our keyword research, on-page SEO and off-page SEO work is truly unmatched with its power, and in combination with our Technical SEO and SEO Hosting, our clients transform near-overnight into Google behemoths.

What is Google natural language processing and how does it help SEO?

Google natural language processing (NLP) is the search engine giant’s approach to incorporating machine learning within its algorithm. Google uses AI technology and its deep library of datasets to predict the user intent and meaning behind every keyword search, so it can serve the most relevant Google results to its users. When a website is optimised using NLP, we analyse the user intention behind the keywords we want to show up for on Google, and make sure the on-page SEO and off-page SEO is in sync with this. When everything aligns, the Google visibility surges, making Beyond the Page SEO the most powerful approach to SEO today, whether you’re a local business or global brand.

We first create a natural-language profile for your website through advance keyword research

We identify exactly what the “low-hanging fruits” are for your website — the SEO triggers that you want to show at the top of Google for — as well as longer-term opportunities. Using NLP, we are also able to identify additional keywords to incorporate into your website and across your social media, that real-world customers are also searching for where there is synergy with our target keywords. This creates a strong natural-language profile that Google will accept as relevant to its users, meaning a faster track to ranking.

We then optimise your existing website content

You likely already know the drill here with on-page SEO. Whether an ecommerce, information website or blog, we use our scientifically-sound keyword research to optimise and refresh your website’s core pages and metadata content, so it truly sings on Google to your target market. We see core pages as the pillars of a website, so we take this step extremely seriously. In many cases, we take simple 30-word pages and transform them into 1,000+ word authoritative essays that Google then rewards with incredible rankings, regularly doubling site traffic for that page in a matter of weeks.

We next add what’s missing from your website through our Xe platform

When your website lacks relevance to a keyword, leave it to us to add original written-for-SEO content to your website to make it relevant, through our Xe SEO content platform designed to fast track quality content and internal links directly into the Google Search algorithm. This is written in-house to high standards, and can be used for your other marketing activities if you wish. Ultimately this helps drive even more visibility on Google for your site, and is especially effective when it is presented as a monthly blog post or infographic.

Finally, we then make sure the right websites are talking about you

Off-page SEO is designed to improve the Google credibility of a website, by adding consistent and trustworthy backlinks that link to them. (Yes, backlinks are still a vital part of the SEO puzzle.) And our private network of reputable websites and directories ensure only decent websites link to yours, using our NLP-powered keywords and content, giving it a much needed boost in credibility. We also take care of that pesky Google My Business stuff too.

Powered by Xe

To many, “Xe” is short for Xenon, the chemical element that powers searchlights. For us, it is the name of our next-level powerful SEO content platform. We combine 5 different APIs, Yoast SEO, Schema, our top tier hosting and CDN technologies, and a WordPress-powered CMS platform to ensure maximum impact on Google rankings each and every time we optimise our client’s websites. There is quite literally nothing like our Xe installations, and the results speak for themselves, and why other SEO agencies white label our work.


NLP is the future of Google Search. Their recent BERT update started the process of making their cloud-based natural language API permanently part of determining ranking. So our Beyond the Page SEO work is not only powerful at supercharging rankings today, it is future-proofing for tomorrow’s search results, especially when quantum computing makes its debut.

Every page on your website that you want to be noticed by Google users needs to have SEO work on it, so it shows up on Google in the right places in front of the right audience. Without it, your website lacks focus and in most cases, will not get noticed by the Google algorithm. So whether you are targeting customers locally, nationally or internationally, you need to ensure your website content is optimised, and our Xe approach is the fast-track.

Further more, Google relies on the number of healthy and credible backlinks your website has to get it started on its Google ranking journey. A new business with no backlinks will struggle to compete with websites that have thousands of visitors a day and even more backlinks. So in many cases, off-page SEO is the most vital part of the SEO work we do. And we do a mighty fine job with it, especially when it is in perfect sync with our NLP research, resulting in major wins for our clients.


  • Tailored and aggressive SEO provision that is second to none
  • Creation and set-up of an Xe installation
  • NLP-powered keyword research for smart SEO opportunities
  • Full on-page optimisation towards chosen SEO triggers
  • Monthly SEO-rich content creation, such as optimised articles, blogs and infographics, which you are free to use in other marketing channels
  • Full off-page optimisation towards NLP-powered keywords and content
  • Soft backlink creation, including Google-affiliated directories and social platforms
  • Hard backlink creation through deep syndicated content via our exclusive network of reputable webmasters and outlets across all industries
  • Sales funnel optimisation once we have reliable SEO traffic volume and data
  • Google My Business and Google Knowledge Box management
  • Google re-index management
  • Monthly reporting including real-time Google rankings tracking, website traffic reports and backlink reports


From £1,500/month. Precise quote given upon audit.

Prices exclude VAT. Minimum 6-month agreement.

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