Off-Page SEO

What are other websites saying about yours? Google knows.


Our Off-Page SEO service has one purpose: to improve the Google credibility of our projects, by adding consistent and trustworthy backlinks that link to them. Yes, backlinks are still a vital part of the SEO puzzle. And our private network of reputable websites and directories ensure only decent websites link to yours, giving it a much needed boost in credibility. We also take care of that pesky Google My Business stuff too.


Google relies on the number of healthy and credible backlinks your website has to get it started on its Google ranking journey. A new business with no backlinks will struggle to compete with websites that have thousands of visitors a day and even more backlinks. So in many cases, Off-Page SEO is the most vital part of the SEO work we do. And we do a mighty fine job with it, with a few (white hat) techniques that are unique to Searchlight London and result in major wins for our clients.


  • Research for backlink opportunities
  • Full off-page optimisation towards chosen SEO triggers for sync with On-Page SEO
  • Soft backlink creation, including directories and curated links
  • Hard backlink creation, including private network and deep syndicated content
  • Google My Business and Google Knowledge Box management
  • Monthly backlink reporting


Part of our on-going management package, starting from £450/month. Precise quote given upon initial audit.

Prices exclude VAT.

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