We might be the SEO agency your SEO Agency uses. That says it all.

We specialise in Smart SEO.

“SEO” stands for “search engine optimisation”, and it’s the process of fine-tuning your website and online presence so you show up more on Google when potential customers search for your products and services. When done right, SEO can account for at least 40% of all your online business.

Searchlight London is a search marketing agency based in London, UK. We were founded in 2015 by Dillan Gandhi, and previously operated as Dillan Gandhi Media.

Our focus today is unlocking the potential of all our clients through technically-led advanced search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, that boost client visibility, attract organic customers, and generate more ROI.

We believe in being an optimised operation ourselves, so we avoid being bloated and inefficient.

Searchlight London is headed up by a core team (called the Lighthouse) that manage all projects in-house, and have direct access to a huge network of search marketing, digital marketing, design and social media experts from across the UK.

This network has been cultivated by our team’s 20+ years of combined industry experience, and allows us to bring on experience and quality to our projects you would not other otherwise be able to have.

Directly compared to other agencies, our focus on Google visibility through an aggressive technical approach to SEO is a radical departure from the more typical content-driven slow and steady agencies. But there are other key differences.
We approach each and every project and client as if they were our own business. We refuse to output work we don’t agree with. There is no compromise.
We don’t follow any templates. We take extra time to research and engineer each of our proposals and strategies, ensuring they are sound and at the bleeding edge of SEO, and delivering the maximum value to our clients.
We also understand the wider marketing and business landscapes. Digital marketing is a collaboration, not a competition, and we do our best to help our clients and their partners at all times.

1. We do the research

We get to know you, your business, what you think your business needs, what your business actually needs, what your competition are up to, and what exactly we can do with your SEO to give you the edge. We put it all in a proposal for you to review. We encourage you to compare it to other agencies. That’s how confident we are in what we offer our clients.

2. We do the work

For all of our clients, we follow the same guiding principle: if we owned this brand or business, what would we be doing? We follow a precise strategy that is thought out. We’re not interested in upselling more SEO just for the sake of it. Every hour spent on a client is an hour Dillan would spend out of his own pocket. That’s why our clients trust us to just get on with it.

3. You see and feel the results

Our work speaks for itself. We benchmark everything. We track everything. And you have access to everything. There’s no airy-fairy-ness to our SEO work. You will see your SEO growth in real-time. You will see an improvement in your online sales. And because you’ll be happy with the results, you will want to continue working with us. Everyone wins.

Yes. If your website isn’t generating enough organic non-paid business for your company to survive without any other forms of marketing, you need SEO.

It’s what we call our hyper-focused approach to SEO. What makes it smart? Our ballsy approach to focusing primarily on the technical challenges behind Google visibility. Anyone can write half-decent content. Only a few can actually optimise it to such a high degree it indexes near-immediately on Google. We use cutting-edge SEO techniques to get your brand or business in front of your target audience, as efficiently as possible.


Meet The Team:


With 18 years of industry experience and numerous more awards and recognitions, Dillan is widely considered one of the most seasoned technical SEO specialists in London outside of Google itself. Dillan leads the Searchlight London team, focused on engineering the R.O.I.-driving strategies that our clients come for. [LinkedIn]


JP has been part of Searchlight London since 2017. His role as is to coordinate tasks and manage our activation team. [LinkedIn]


Alex joined Searchlight London in 2024. He oversees Searchlight Hosting, ensuring all of our hosted websites are fast, optimised, safe and secure.

Tricia Mercadejas + -

Tricia joined Searchlight London in 2024 and is leads our organic outreach campaigns, driving sales and enquiries through optimised, high-engagement mailers.


Kent joined Searchlight London in 2021. His focus is on SEO activation and maximising R.O.I.

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