Technical SEO

It doesn't matter how engrossing your website is; if you have technical issues, you are suffocating your content.


As part of our Technical SEO service, our Google Search engineers deep scan and audit your website for all technical issues that are preventing it from ranking and growing on Google Search. These issues aren’t just limited to organic search, as Google Ads and other online channels also use the same ruleset to determine good websites from bad websites. Once the issues are identified, our engineers clean the website, aiming to achieve a Site Health score above 85%. We also identify and fix issues with Core Web Vitals (typically poor hosting set-ups) and bad backlinks into your website, which is major red flags Google looks out for.


You may have fantastic content on your website, but if it is full of bugs and errors, or rife with spammy backlinks and other issues, you won’t see long-term SEO benefits. In-fact, Google will penalise your website in future updates.  So it is vital to have good site health and as few technical issues as possible, if you want Google to favour ranking your site over your competitors. Google regularly crawls the websites it ranks in top positions to check for technical issues, and if they are deemed unfit for ranking, a competitor that provides a better web experience to users will get favour. In combination with good PageSpeed, a good site health score is 85% or above. Our Searchlight London client average is 92%.

For many websites, fixing their Technical SEO is enough to jumpstart their website’s visibility and start ranking. In all cases, it is essential to fix these issues before we do any further SEO work.


  • Full site audit and technical deep clean to 85% Site Health
  • Core Web Vitals fixes
  • Dirty backlink removal
  • Google re-index management
  • Before/after benchmark reports for 6 months
  • Complimentary 1-hour session reviewing results and planning next steps


For most websites with standard issues, around £1,250 one-off cost. Smaller issues have a smaller one-off cost. Precise quote given upon audit. We advise an annual check-up.

Prices exclude VAT.

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