SEO Hosting

By combining fast managed hosting with key GOOGLE optimisation features, we've created the essential SEO must-have solution for any modern website.


SEO Hosting is our hybrid hosting-and-SEO package and our entry-level SEO solution. It combines superfast hosting with essential premium-grade SEO optimisation features, to ensure your website loads quickly and is not being penalised by Google for poor PageSpeed. We can say with some confidence that our SEO Hosting platform is the best in its class, providing everything you could possibly need or want in a website hosting solution. It is compatible with all types of self-hosted websites, including WordPress and HTML.


Google penalises websites that have poor PageSpeed, as this is considered a bad user experience. Less than competitive load times and poor compression has a direct correlation with users dropping off the website, which Google does not like. This also reflects badly on the business. Poor PageSpeed also contributes to an overall poor site health score, which Google punishes with lower rankings too. If you want Google to favour ranking your site over thousands of competitors, your load time needs to be between 0.5 to 1.5 seconds, and you need to have very few compression issues – ideally none.


  • Fully managed SEO hosting with support desk, with support for WordPress and HTML5
  • Full migration to Searchlight London’s private LiteSpeed super-server: 8 vCores, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD NVMe, unmetered speed
  • Full SSL security across site
  • 24/7 server-level antivirus, malware and firewall protection
  • 3 months of daily backups
  • Plugin update management
  • Premium subscription: Shortpixel image management
  • Premium subscription: WP Rocket/LiteSpeed Cache management
  • Before/after benchmark reports


Standard websites: £600/year

Complex websites: £1,000/year

Prices exclude VAT. Minimum 12-month non-refundable agreement.

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